Our Tender & Procurement

For security reasons the ECOWAS Project Implementation Unit (PIU) does not publish our current tender list via our website, please contact our information department directly to inquire the current tenders and the list of our registered and accredited local sourcing agent.

Eligibility and Rules of Origin of Participation
Our entire tender supply project is open to all legal persons {participating either individually or in a group (consortium) of Tenders}, foreign companies which are established in all Country or Territory of the Regions covered and/or authorized by the specific instruments applicable to the program under which the contract is financed. All products supplied under this contract must be of good quality and in compliance with standard.

Number of Tenders
Tenderer may submit only one tender per lot. Tenders for parts of a lot will not be considered. Any tenderer may state in its tender that it would offer a discount in the event that its tender is accepted for more than one lot.

Selection and Award Criteria
The following selection criteria will be applied to tenderer. In the case of tenders submitted by a consortium, these selection criteria will be applied to the consortium as a whole:

The average annual turnover of the tenderer must exceed the invoice value of the present contract
The Quality of the products to be supply, example ISO Certification, CE Marked or any other approved standard certificates.
The financial situation of the tenderer should not be in deficit, taken into account debts, at the beginning and end of year.
The tenderer has worked successfully on at least one project value 10% of this contract in the fields related to this contract in the past Five years.
The Registered and Accredited Consultant Sourcing Agents: Every tenderer most have a local agent as part of his/ her representatives. Please contact us directly to get the list of our registered and accredited sourcing agent.

Agent Commission
All our Agents are entitled to not less than 1% and not above 3% Commission of the total Supplier Invoice/Contract Value (Unless as bargained by the BAC and the said Agent), this amount is payable to the Agent by the ECOWAS Project Implementation Unit (PIU) only and when the contract is signed, and all the payment documentation etc are completed by the contractor/supplier

Tender/ Contract Supply Document
Bidders/Suppliers should submit the following bidding documents to the Bids and Awards Committee of ECOWAS Project Implementation Unit (PIU):

1. A Quotation or Proforma Invoice covering the products to be supply
2. Certificate of Standard for the product to be supplied/All product registration certificate by the contractor/supplier
3. A Letter of Intent stating suppliers’ ability to handle the contract
4. A Letter Authorizing and Appointing a local agent/ representative for the tender processing
5. Completed Copy of the Tender Forms etc

Opening Of Bids
Submitted bidding document will be opened by the Honorable Bids and Awards Committee Board within three working days of the bid submission. Pre-qualified/ nominated companies with realistic quotations and needed product line will be contacted by the Board through the Project Coordinator or General Secretary.

Contract Payment
Successful Company(s) will receive their contract payment in their preferred bank account within Seven (7) working days after Contract Agreement signing by both parties and successful payment documentation

Payment Terms
Every Contract Winner receives 100% advance payment before Production and Shipment; as the procurement Board reserves the sole right to pay in advance.

Performance Guarantee
The successful companies will be asked to provide a Performance Guarantee Letter in writing immediately after the receipt of the Award Notice before the official signing of the contract.

Supply/ Delivery Duration
The Tender supply duration is 1-12 months after the suppliers confirmation of full payment and also partial shipment/delivery is allow.

Final Destination Port: Autonomous Port of Lomé
Quotation: Ex-Works or FOB basis
Consignee: ECOWAS Project Implementation Unit (PIU)

Meeting and Site visit
The Procurement Board may at their discretion send a delegation to the Supplier's Company in other to ascertain their production plant, level of production in progress and have a meeting therein only after the contract signing and payment documentation here in Togo is duly completed and finalize.

Language of the Contract
All written communications for this Tender Procedure and Contract must be in English Language only


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